What to do With Channels 5 & 6

Recently, FCC Commissioner Clyburn spoke at the 35th annual Community Radio Conference in St. Paul Minnesota and told those gathered that as a “regulator” she is relatively new to radio and broadcasting in general, but thanks to her previous experience as a guest on her friend’s radio program she honed her radio skills.Well, I’ll leave that part alone for now, but I note that Ms. Clyburn gives props to community radio as a source of local news and entertainment, indicating that the Commission is doing its best to promote community radio. This includes preference points for Native Americans, the promotion of the Local Community Radio Act, and the furtherance of LPFM.

One of Ms. Clyburn’s comments that caught our attention was the proposed uses of TV channels 5 and 6, positing that this spectrum would be well-used for LPFM, expanded NCE use, and AM broadcasters.

Here’s an idea: why not revisit earlier wisdom that created the reserved band in the first place? Why not move ALL NCE operations whether full powered, translators, or LPFM off the commercial band and onto the reserved band, expanded to include channels 5 and 6? Shall we go back to an earlier wisdom that saw the need to provide a safe haven for non-commercial broadcasters? We’d vote for it.

That’s 30 For Now…For What It’s Worth