Stations For Sale

In some instances, clients require that an Agreement of Non-Disclosure be signed by all prospective purchasers of a Station before we can release the pertinent information.  In most instances a notification of such will be tied to a Station’s listing information and will be provided in response to a first request for information.  A generic NDA may be downloaded here

To request information on any of the listings you see here, just use the Contact Form Here

NEW!  SAN FRANCISCO EAST BAY AREA.  Non-Commercial full power FM with good population count estimated to be in excess of 500,000.  Asking price to be determined, subject to negotiation.  Limited office/studio facilities so a new owner should contemplate relocating or operating remotely.  Executive Summary in preparation, but phone calls or emails are welcome in the interim.

NEW!  OREGON NON-COMMERCIAL BAND FM TRANSLATOR:  Asking is $35,000.  Good site and site lease.  Nice coastal community on the Oregon/Washington border.

NEW!  WASHINGTON NON-COMMERCIAL BAND FM TRANSLATOR:  Asking is $35,000.  Good site and site lease.  Western Washington, not very far from major metro areas.

NEW!  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA LPTV-D:  Rated market low power TV has three network channels.  Carried on two cable systems.  Asking is $175,000.

PRICE REDUCED!  CENTRAL OREGON COAST:  Asking $300,000, all-cash.  Standalone Class C3 FM.  Nice market area with good pop counts.  Strong management in place and the asking price is less than 1X sales.  Non-Disclosure Agreement is a must.  Contact MCH Enterprises for an NDA and subsequent Executive Summary.

WEST-CENTRAL OREGON. NON-COMMERCIAL FM:  Price Reduced.  Great growth area and in demand among younger generationals. Good local economy. The Station is already set up for remote operation. Small city or big town; depends on your perspective. Population 197,000 in the metropolitan area. Asking price is $225,000 and Seller may consider terms from a qualified Buyer.

TWO FM TRANSLATORS LOCATED IN WASHINGTON STATE.  One commercial band and one noncommercial band, $35,000 each, all-cash.

SALE PENDING:  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA AM w/TWO TRANSLATORS:  Asking $195,000.  Co-brokered listing.  Currently programs Spanish language music.

EXCELLENT SMALL MARKET OPPORTUNITY:  This is a co-brokered deal and an excellent one from a business opportunity and quality of life for an owner/operator or mom ‘n’ pop situation.  All-inclusive for one purchase price:  AM, FM, Translators, Real Estate, and a well-monetized web site.  Asking price is only $795,000.  The Real Estate has been valued at $400,000.  Historical Sales have been in the $800,000 range with only a reasonable drop in 2020 due to Covid-19.  Owners want to retire to sunny Florida and live the good life.  Call or email for information.

COMMERCIAL BAND FM TRANSLATOR IN OHIO.  Located in a good population center with good pop counts, this Translator is currently being fed by a non-commercial primary FM.  Asking Price IS $40,000.  Let us know if you have a primary station for consideration and we will do a simple map overlay showing your fill-in or non-fill-in status.

PRICE REDUCED!  THREE AMs WITH TRANSLATORS:  These stations are located in Northern California and offer an outstanding opportunity for a first-time owner, ethnic broadcaster, or an existing owner looking for a cost-effective expansion.  Each AM/FX combo is priced individually.  All three Translators are constructed and licensed.  Two FXs are “bound” and one is “unbound”.  Asking for the three AM/FX combos is $199,000, but all three are priced separately and can be purchased individually.  Seller is motivated and will consider all serious offers.  Executive Summary is now available or call for individual pricing.  An NDA will be required.

PRICE REDUCTION!  OREGON NON-COMM:  Class C3 facility.  Situated in the commercial band but must remain NCE in perpetuity.  No office/studio; the Station is set up to operate remotely.  Asking Price is $100,000 and Seller will consider Terms from a qualified Buyer.   

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST:  Established FM with re-transmission on non-fill-in translator. Asking $175,000 for both would consider reasonable discount for all-cash; but ownership must be separate. Seller will consider LMA/Option; my price/your terms.  Beautiful place to live and be a part of the business community.  Popular tourist destination.

FM TRANSLATOR in the commercial band. at Chehalis, Washington.  Priced conservatively at ~$.50 price per pop based on Longley-Rice 60-dbu contours (2018 census).  Asking price is $30,000.  Contact MCH Enterprises with your primary station to be rebroadcast and we will do an image overlay to determine fill-in status.

NON-COMMERCIAL FM WITH TWO COMMERCIAL BAND TRANSLATORS.  Unique opportunity on California’s Central Coast: One full-power reserved band (non-commercial) FM station feeding two Translators which operate in the non-reserved (commercial) band. Priced as combined: $355,000 but can be broken up and priced individually: $275,000 for the FM and $40,000 each for the Translators. Located in rated markets. Nice opportunity for either a non-commercial operator or a commercial entity looking for commercial band Translators.

TWO MAJOR MARKET TV STATIONs IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. These LPTV Stations are licensed and on the air, currently with two channel capability.  The Stations were recently upgraded to 15kw ERP and the signals cover a rated market of over 2 million TVHH.  The asking price is $1.5 million each, all-cash.  May be purchased together or separately.

PRICED REDUCED AND RESTRUCTURED! Southern California Desert Rated Market: Well-established AM The owner has decided it’s time to sell and pass the torch. The tower site is NOT included but may be purchased as a separate transaction or leased on reasonable terms and conditions. A new owner will want to construct its own office/studio if desired. Asking Price: $275,000 for the AM. This is the all-cash price, but terms and/or an LMA/Option may be available.   As a separate item, the asking price for the tower site will be based on appraised value, or it can be leased at $1,500 per month with 3% escalators for a long-term lease.  There are over 300,000 people within the 2.0 mV/m contour.  Seller has negotiated the acquisition of an unbound translator which is available as a separate transaction for $75,000.

2022 Activity:

SALE PENDING:  KRRS-AM and KZNB-AM, Santa Rosa and Petaluma, California.  Two translators as well:  K234DD, Santa Rosa, CA and K289AS, Cotati, CA.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED:  KYOZ-AM and K239CL, Spokane, WA.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED:  OREGON COAST NON-COMMERCIAL FM.  KGIO (FM), Astoria, Oregon.  Class A facility, the Station is licensed to the non-commercial band. MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED: CALIFORNIA SOUTH BAY AREA TRANSLATOR: K257BE, San Jose, California market. MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED:  PACIFIC NORTHWEST NON-COMMERCIAL FM WITH FM TRANSLATOR: KQXI (FM) and K206CJ, Granite Falls/Issaquah, Washington.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED:  WASHINGTON NON-COMMERCIAL FM TRANSLATOR: K208BY, Moses Lake, Washington:  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

GRANTED, PENDING CLOSE: TWO FMs IN WASHINGTON AND OREGON:  KZJJ (FM), Mesa, Washington and KYJJ, Boardman, Washington:  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

PENDING CLOSE:  TWO WASHINGTON FM TRANSLATORS:  K253CG, Redmond, Washington and K271BS, Auburn, Washington.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.