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In some instances, clients require that an Agreement of Non-Disclosure be signed by all prospective purchasers of a Station before we can release the pertinent information.  In most instances a notification of such will be tied to a Station’s listing information and will be provided in response to a first request for information.  A generic NDA may be downloaded here

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NEW!  CALIFORNIA COAST TRANSLATOR:  Currently operating as a Cross Service FM Translator to an AM station which will soon go silent.  Operates with a directional pattern at 125 watts.  However, given a different primary station it might be possible to expand power and coverage.  Give us  your tentative primary station and we will be able to tell you if the Translator would be a fill-in or non-fill-in.  Asking Price:  $35,000.

NEW!  CALIFORNIA DESERT AM:  Small market AM with extended signal into adjacent larger markets.  1kw Unlimited (Non-D).  Asking $100,000 with good pop count.

NEW!  CALIFORNIA DESERT FM:  Small market FM with extended signal into adjacent larger markets.  Asking $400,000 based on 2023 Sales.

NEW!  CALIFORNIA AM:  Good pop counts and larger markets in California Desert.  Asking $50,000.  Includes license and operating equipment.  Towers must come down so a new tower site will be necessary.

NEW!  Construction Permit for a new, very small market FM in the reserved band.  Northern California coastal community.  Asking price for the CP is $10,000.

BACK ON THE MARKET:  Small market non-commercial FM in the reserved band.  North-east, rural California.  Recently completed construction and is looking for a new owner.  Asking price is only $50,000.  No office/studio but is capable of being operated remotely.

Class B1 FM station in the reserved band. California’s “Mendonoma Coast” is rugged and beautiful. Community-active NCE, nicely equipped and well-engineered.  Asking is only $50,000, cash.

STANDALONE AM.  This standalone (NO TRANSLATOR) AM is located in the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley, east of Fresno. Asking is only $175,000, cash.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RATED MARKET AM:  Standalone AM – No Translator. Currently programming Spanish. Good Rated Market.  Asking Price:  $500,000, cash.

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY CLASS A:  This FM is located on the West Side of the San Joaquin Valley, about 35 miles from Fresno. Currently programs Spanish.  Asking Price:  $500,000, cash.

SACRAMENTO VALLEY, CA:  Class A FM located in the hills to the east of Sacramento, CA. Asking $1M, cash.

FM CONSTRUCTION PERMIT IN CALIFORNIA’S CENTRAL VALLEY.  ASKING PRICE:  NEGOTIABLE.  Obtained in Auction #109, winning bid:  $194,000 less new entrant bidding credit; approximately 10 months remaining on the CP.  County coverage in excess of 500,000.  Permit holder is in the process of building the station.  As work progresses, the asking price will increase.

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RATED MARKET AM:  SELLER FINANCING AVAILABLE!  This standalone AM has great market coverage with over 2 million people in the MSA.  Serves two great primary markets with split coverage and at an asking price of $500,000 the Price Per Pop works out to less than $.25 PPP.  Contact MCH Enterprises for an Executive Summary.

CALIFORNIA COAST AM:  Rated market and station has a big footprint.  Seller financing available at $150,000 OR $100,000 cash.

NOTE!  The two above AMs are co-channel and are contiguous.  Makes for an even bigger footprint on the same frequency.  Leverage the two with Seller financing!  Contact MCH Enterprises for details.

CALIFORNIA CENTRAL VALLEY LPTV-D:  Low power TV, UHF, asking only $60,000 and Seller will consider terms or channel leases.  There are two channels available to lease on reasonable terms; one channel is currently affiliated with a shopping network.  Low cost to operate.  Needs some work.  Upside potential in decently rated market.

NON-COMMERCIAL FM.  Unique opportunity on California’s Central Coast: Full-power reserved band (non-commercial) FM station perfectly covering the Santa Maria-Lompoc market (rated).  Asking Price is $287,300.  This station also feeds a commercial band translator in the San Luis Obispo market (rated) and that translator is available separately.

FM TRANSLATOR IN COMMERCIAL BAND.  Located on California’s central coast, this translator is fed by a non-commercial FM from an adjacent market but operates in the commercial band.  Asking Price is only $35,000.  Operating power will depend on whether the translator is fill-in or non-fill-in to your primary station being repeated.

THREE AMs WITH TRANSLATORS:  These stations are located in Northern California and offer an outstanding opportunity for a first-time owner, ethnic broadcaster, or an existing owner looking for a cost-effective expansion.  All three Translators are constructed and licensed.  Two FXs are “bound” and one is “unbound”.  Asking for the three AM/FX combos is $100,000.  Seller is motivated and will consider all serious offers to include Seller financing for a Qualified Buyer.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST:  Established FM with re-transmission on non-fill-in translator. Asking $175,000 for both would consider reasonable discount for all-cash; but ownership must be separate for the translator (FOR THE TIME BEING). Seller will consider LMA/Option or Seller financing; my price/your terms.  Beautiful place to live and be a part of the business community.  Popular tourist destination.

CALIFORNIA REDWOOD COAST FM CONSTRUCTION PERMIT:  Construction Permit for new Class B1 FM:  $50,000 “as is”.  All engineering plans available and to be included.  This will be an easy construction job.  Antenna already mounted, just need your electronics and labor.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RATED MARKET.  Well-established AM The owner has decided it’s time to sell and pass the torch. The tower site is NOT included but may be purchased as a separate transaction or leased on reasonable terms and conditions. A new owner will want to construct its own office/studio if desired. Asking Price: $275,000 for the AM. This is the all-cash price, but terms and/or an LMA/Option may be available.   As a separate item, the asking price for the tower site will be based on appraised value, or it can be leased at $1,500 per month with 3% escalators for a long-term lease.  There are over 300,000 people within the 2.0 mV/m contour.  Seller has negotiated the acquisition of an unbound translator which is available as a separate transaction for $75,000.


MOTIVATED SELLER WANTS TO GET CREATIVE!  Leading small market group in a beautiful part of Arizona.   Priced at less than 1X annual Sales, this is an “as-is, where-is” opportunity.  Seller has lowered the asking price plus has agreed to a $75,000 credit and a generous discount for all-cash.  Terms are available.  Here’s the bottom line.  All-cash:  $500,000.  Terms:  $550,000.  Buyers must be financially qualified and know what to do and how to do it.  For a complete Executive Summary and all the details, contact MCH Enterprises Inc.  Non-Disclosure Required.

ARIZONA FM, SITUATED N.W. OF PHOENIX.  This is a Class C2 facility and currently licensed and silent pursuant to an STA.  A “stick sale”; no office/studio facilities are included, and the tower is leased.  All transmission equipment and facilities remain installed at the tower site.  The pop count in the 60-dBu contour according to Longley-Rice is slightly over 1.1 million people and within the 50-dBu contour is in excess of 2 million.  The asking price is $850,000, “as-is”, all-cash.


NON-COMMERCIAL FM in the non-reserved (commercial) band.  Must remain non-commercial per license restrictions.  Growing Oregon market.  Includes strategically placed FM Booster just licensed.  Asking $225,000.  Terms may be available for a qualified buyer.

WESTERN OREGON; TWO AMS WITH TRANSLATOR AND STREAMING CHANNEL.  Included with these immaculate stations are nicely monetized websites, 7.5 acres of tower site, and multiple buildings to include the office/studio facilities.  Revenues are historically strong.  Asking price for only the Stations and streaming channel:  $525,000.  The Real Estate can be purchased as a separate transaction:  $750,000.  The whole package: stations, real estate, and websites reduced to $1.25 Million.  Non-Disclosure Agreement required.  

NEW OREGON CLASS C3 NON-COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION PERMIT.  Located in one of Oregon’s most desirable communities, this new construction permit has possible tower sites, but needs certification.  Once constructed will reach 72,000 people.  Asking Price is $50,000. Executive Summary now available.


CLASS C1 FM with Boosters in Washington State!  This is a nice regional network consisting of a main FM (87kw) and four Boosters with rated market coverage. Currently being operated with a non-commercial Christian music format, the license is still commercial so keeping it non-commercial or switching to commercial should pose no issues. All transmission equipment and an IP Intraplex system is included. A new owner will want to secure your own office/studio facilities. The price per pop is very reasonable at $395,000.  Contact MCH Enterprises for details.


OHIO FM TRANSLATOR IN COMMERCIAL BAND.  Asking price is only $35,000, cash.  Licensed and on the air with 75 watts as a non-fill-in.  Tower site lease in place with renewals as desired.  Internet service available.  Christian broadcaster desired.

OHIO NON-COMMERCIAL FM CONSTRUCTION PERMIT.  This non-commercial FM construction permit is located in Ohio and is situated near an important, rated market.  The asking price “as-is”:  $40,000 cash.  Site certification is good.  All you need to do is build it.  Contact MCH Enterprises for an Executive Summary.


Ke kāhea nei ʻo HONOLULU: Hawaii AMs with Translators. Very good pop counts and island coverage providing coverage to Honolulu.  Feed the Translators with an HD Channel or one of the AMs.  Package pricing available.  All may be purchased separately.  All-cash.  Combinations negotiable.
*  250-watt Translator package available with an AM or HD Channel as a primary:  $650,000 including the primary AM.  Separate leases for AM Tower site or HD Channel.
*  99-watt Translator package available with an AM or HD Channel as a primary:    $550,000 including the primary AM.  Separate leases for AM Tower site or HD Channel.
*  AM full power, standalone, available for $200,000 plus site lease (no Translator)
*  AM full power, standalone, available for $250,000 plus site lease (no Translator)
Contact MCH Enterprises for details.


NEW!  WESTERN MONTANA FM:  Class C1 non-commercial facility operating in the non-reserved (commercial) band.  Popular Christian Country format.  Serves approximately 150,000 pop count in the 60-dbu contour.  Asking Price:  $440,000.


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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST STANDALONE FM: $450,000 without Real Estate.  Listing Broker:  The Exline Company

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA MONEY-MAKER WITH NICE REAL ESTATE: $850,000 includes Real Estate.  Listing Broker:  The Exline Company

CALIFORNIA SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY FOOTHILLS FM: $1,250,000 without Real Estate.  Listing Broker:  The Exline Company  

ARIZONA AM W/TRANSLATOR$750,000.  Listing Broker:  

PHOENIX! FULL MARKET FM:  $1,250,000.  Listing Broker:

LAS VEGAS:  $2,500,000.  Seller financing.  Listing Broker:

TORONTO, CANADA:  $3,500,000 CDN.  Listing Broker:

2024 Activity:

SALE PENDING:  KRWI (FM), Wofford Heights, California.  MCH Enterprises represented the Parties.

PENDING CLOSE:  K233BJ, McCall, Idaho.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SALE PENDING:  KRAZ (FM), Santa Ynez, CA.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SALE PENDING:  KKCM (FM), Thermal, California.  MCH Enterprises represented the Parties.