An “Ah Ha” Moment…

Unjust Enrichment Penalty: Sometimes the old gray matter just doesn’t click in the way it should. For some time now I have been raging against the FCC’s “unjust enrichment penalty” that sellers of permits or licenses that had been obtained at auction with a new entrant credit must incur if they sell in less than five years. I simply could not get on board with a decent profit or capital gains being termed “unjust”. Then it hit me…the term “unjust enrichment penalty” does not apply to the so-called “enrichment”…it applies to the PENALTY. It’s the penalty that is UNJUST! Now I get it…it’s an “UNJUST enrichment PENALTY!”

That’s 30 for now…for what it’s worth.

Is AM Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

For as long as we can remember, there has been an AM radio in the dashboard of an automobile.  In the coming model year at least one model will be arriving on dealer lots with an FM-only receiver.  It’s a sign of the times. Continue reading “Is AM Going the Way of the Dinosaur?”

It’s Good Enough…Really?

How many times have you heard or used the expression, “it’s good enough”?  Or, “it’s good enough for government work”?  While watching the keynote address at this week’s RNC convention, I realized that just maybe I was falling into that trap and perhaps our industry was, too. Continue reading “It’s Good Enough…Really?”

Who Owns Your Tower?

A year or so ago I wrote about the importance of changing your Antenna Registration through the FCC’s registration system whenever there is a change in ownership of a station and the station assets include a tower.  Not all towers require registration, we know, but IF the tower(s) is registered and if title changes through the sale of a station, this is one of those often over-looked tedious details that get ignored…and sometimes come back to haunt you.   Continue reading “Who Owns Your Tower?”

Self Exam Backfire

I was recently called out by a reader of my comments in Radio Business Report regarding the assessment of fines by the FCC when a broadcast licensee reports Public File lapses as a part of the license renewal self-inspection process.  The FCC had levied several $10,000 fines when broadcasters reported that their issues/programs files were not up to date.  My reaction and comments was to challenge the FCC’s premise and practice. Continue reading “Self Exam Backfire”