Radio Will Lead the Economic Recovery

This morning, a story hit the Internet about the lack of financing for station acquisitions. Basically it comes down to those who are glass “half-full” people versus glass “half-empty” people.  Yes, we know all too well that we’ve got buyers and we’ve got sellers, but nobody has any cash. We just have to live with that. But what got our attention was the nay-sayers who just can’t accept the fact that radio is resilient, ubiquitous, and will weather the storm no matter what.Sales are up this year, but the half-emptiers want to take the position that’s only due to political and next year we’ll be in the dumps again. Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my take on the state of the industry: There is no better engine to fuel the health of your local economy than radio.

All of our retail brethren have cut expenses to the bone. If they’ve managed to stay in business, there’s nothing left to cut. So now the only way up and out is to grow revenue. And the best way to grow revenue is through advertising, and the best advertising bang for the buck is radio. So help your local retailers, cut deals, give them two-fers, do what it takes to help your local retail cousins grow that revenue and guess what…your bottom line will grow as well.

Around here we don’t like to think of ourselves as “glass half-full” people, we look at that glass and see opportunity. Opportunity to increase our retail cousins’ revenue and grow our bottom line at the same.

That’s 30 For Now…For What It’s Worth