“From Another Likely Site”?

“From Another Likely Site”…that’s right, if your 307(b) showing is predicated on providing first service to a community, and your proposed site is going to allow you to cover 50% or more of an urbanized area, you don’t get to pass “go”. But even if your proposal does not cover 50% or more of the urbanized area, you still don’t get to pass “go” if there’s a chance that there is some other likely site from which you could cover 50% or more of the urbanized area. And, guess what…this is retroactive. That’s right. We’ve been contacted by at least one client who has had applications pending for multiple years by which he would be able to upgrade his stations and presumably crease the value of the stations and maybe even provide more job opportunities, but forget it now. All those years of waiting, spending money, lawyers, engineers, and expecting to see some reward before the end of life are gone.

Do we live in La La Land or what?

That’s 30 for now…for what it’s worth.