Stations For Sale

In some instances, clients require that an Agreement of Non-Disclosure be signed by all prospective purchasers of a Station before we can release the pertinent information.  In most instances a notification of such will be tied to a Station’s listing information and will be provided in response to a first request for information.  A generic NDA may be downloaded here

To request information on any of the listings you see here, just use the Contact Form Here

NEW!  OREGON NON-COMM:  Class C3 facility.  Situated in the commercial band but must remain NCE in perpetuity.  No office/studio; the Station is set up to operate remotely.  Asking Price is $250,000 and Seller will consider Terms from a qualified Buyer.   

THREE AMs WITH TRANSLATORS:  These stations are located in Northern California and offer an outstanding opportunity for a first-time owner, ethnic broadcaster, or an existing owner looking for a cost-effective expansion.  Each AM/FX combo is priced individually.  Of the three Translators, one is constructed and licensed and the other two are in Construction Permit phase.  The CPs are “bound” and the licensed FX is “unbound”.  Asking for the three AM/FX combos is $399,000.  Executive Summary is now available or call for individual pricing.  An NDA will be required.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST NON-COMMERCIAL FM:  The Station is licensed to the reserved (non-commercial) band and operates as a Class A facility with 1.6kw ERP from a height of 170 meters AMSL. The Station is completely set up to run remotely so no office/studio configuration is included. Asking $200,000.

SALE PENDING WAITING ON THE FCC!  OREGON COAST FM:  Part of an FM/AM combo, the FM has been spun off and is being sold for all-cash at $170,000.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST TRANSLATOR: Translator is currently being fed by the above non-commercial FM. Asking price is $40,000. Good coverage area and pop covered.

SALE PENDING WAITING ON THE FCC!  FM TRANSLATOR is located in upper New York State and licensed in the reserved (non-commercial) band.  The asking price is only $15,000, cash and that’s firm since it is so low. Contact MCH Enterprises with questions or to request a presentation.

TWO UN-BOUND FM TRANSLATORS in the commercial band.  Licensed to Chehalis and Centralia, Washington.  Priced conservatively at ~$.50 price per pop based on Longley-Rice 60-dbu contours (2018 census).  Asking price is $60,000 for the two.  Contact MCH Enterprises with your primary station to be rebroadcast and we will do an image overlay to determine fill-in status.

NON-COMMERCIAL FM WITH TWO COMMERCIAL BAND TRANSLATORS.  Unique opportunity on California’s Central Coast: One full-power reserved band (non-commercial) FM station feeding two Translators which operate in the non-reserved (commercial) band. Priced as combined: $355,000 but can be broken up and priced individually: $275,000 for the FM and $40,000 each for the Translators. Located in rated markets. Nice opportunity for either a non-commercial operator or a commercial entity looking for commercial band Translators.

CALIFORNIA CENTRAL COAST: Two FMs with virtually identical coverage. Co-located office/studio and co-located transmission facilities. Rated market. Excellent quality of life-style. Asking price is $300,000 FOR BOTH. Seller might consider an LMA/Option on the right terms. In the book – no details. Great tourist destination point. NOTE!  Either of the above two Translators could be tied to either of these FMS.  Be sure to check out the FCC Rules regarding Translators, their ownership, and their ability to be re-located.  Contact MCH Enterprises for details.

LOW POWER TV on California’s Central Coast.  This UHF station survived the repack and a displacement with a construction permit to upgrade power to 15kw from an STA power of 874 watts.  Looking for a new owner-TV or even Radio-who wants to expand and take advantage of all the new programming that is now available to LPTV.  Currently operates two channels out of a four-channel capability.  There is even additional equipment which would allow for several audio channels.  The asking price is $175,000 “as-is”.  Very small office / origination space with no studio for local origination.  Rents are good.  Operating expenses are very low.

MAJOR COLORADO MARKET AM WITH TRANSLATOR.  Claim more than 2.75 million people (6+ Nielsen) with fulltime AM and an upgraded 250 watt Translator in this top-ranked market. Low operating costs and lots of programming possibilities. Build your own office/studio arrangement. The newly upgraded translator is one of the very best in the market with outstanding coverage of the metro.  The translator will become un-bound in approximately two more years.  Co-Brokered.

SAN DIEGO MARKET AM w/TRANSLATOR:  Two construction permits in the #17 ranked market.  The opportunity to start a new station in a major market does NOT come along every day.  The owner has expended a boatload of money getting the AM construction permit granted and with the exception of one last modification it is time to start building.  Consequently we are looking for a strategic partner / investor who wants to get in on the ground floor.  In initial investment of $75,000 will secure an Option to Purchase both facilities as well as being used to secure a conditional use permit leading to a modification of the CP.  Total cost to construct the station is estimated at $340,000 including the initial investment.  Once fully constructed, licensed, and ready to go, the stations are projected to reach 2.4 million people.  The current owner is offering to sell his interest for investment plus 50% of the net upside value.  For a complete presentation and estimated financial break down, contact MCH Enterprises, Inc.

MAJOR ARIZONA MARKET AM with 250-watt Translator. Close to 4 million people (6+), with strong Hispanic population base. Asking price works out to $.44 price per pop within the 2.0 mV/m contour. Contact MCH Enterprises, Inc.  Non-Disclosure Agreement required.  Co-Brokered.

NEVADA CLUSTER: Multiple FM stations and translators. Very good sales as well as non-traditional revenue. Asking is $1.5M and Seller will carry some financing after a strong cash down payment. Buyer must have good financial and operational credentials. Revenue and cashflow are solid.  Cashflow can easily handle debt service with cash left over.   Transmission equipment new or recently rebuilt.  Great Value.  Very strong local economy with low unemployment.  Office/Studio building available as a separate transaction for $800,000.

SALE PENDING WAITING ON THE FCC!  OREGON COAST FM:  This Class A FM is perfect for that first-time buyer or established mom ‘n’ pop owner-operators.  Possible upgrade to a greater Class of Service with more power and greater coverage.  Beautiful coastal seaside community and well-established business opportunity.  Tourist destination.  Asking is only $100,000 and it comes with revenue, low operating expenses, plus cashflow.

PRICED REDUCED AND RESTRUCTURED! Southern California Desert Rated Market: Well-established AM with cross-service FM translator. The owner has decided it’s time to sell and pass the torch. The tower site is NOT included but may be purchased as a separate transaction or leased on reasonable terms and conditions. A new owner will want to construct its own office/studio if desired. Asking Price for the AM is established at $200,000 and the Translator is set at $50,000. This is the all-cash price, but terms and/or an LMA/Option may be available.  Translator must remain tied to the AM programming through September, 2020, but the AM can be purchased separate from the Translator (not vice versa). As a separate item, the asking price for the tower site is $150,000 or it can be leased at $1,500 per month with 3% escalators with a one-year option. After the one year, the price reverts to market analysis.  There are over 300,000 people within the 2.0 mV/m contour and there is an easy path to upgrade the translator to 250 watts.

NEVADA FM NEEDS SALES ORIENTED OWNER: The FM is located in central-eastern Nevada about half-way between Las Vegas and the Idaho border. The station is small market radio at its best with community involvement, live-local talent, and resident owners. Local competition consists of one AM station and an FM translator…that’s it! Motivated Seller for all-cash at $120,000.  The owner has expressed a willingness to stay on for awhile if desired. Contact MCH Enterprises for a presentation.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST:  Established FM with re-transmission on non-fill-in translator. Asking $175,000 for both would consider reasonable discount for all-cash; but ownership must be separate. Seller will consider LMA/Option until underlying debt is retired; your terms/my price.  Beautiful place to live and be a part of the business community.  Popular tourist destination.

SALE PENDING WAITING THE FCC!  N. CENTRAL OREGON: Class C1 FM, a Class C AM, and a Cross Service FM Translator…all in one package. Rural community suitable for a first-time acquisition. Asking price:  $80,000.  Seller might be willing to carry terms depending on Buyer’s qualifications and a decent down payment.  Completed re-construction after a foreclosure and there are sales on the books to cover expenses with a little left over.  Office and studio have been reconstructed as well.  About the only broadcast operation in town.

2020 Activity:

SOLD AND CLOSED! KURY (FM), Brookings, Oregon.  Still pending close:  KURY-AM and K287CF, Brookings.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KPPT (FM) and KCUP-AM, Depoe Bay and Toledo, Oregon. MCH Enterprises represented the Buyer.

2019 Activity:

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KURT (FM), Prineville, Oregon.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KURY-AM and FM with cross-service FM translator K287CF, all Brookings, Oregon.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  K293AY, Enumclaw, Washington.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KVPS-LD at Indio, California (Palm Springs).  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KWNA-FM at Winnemucca, Nevada.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller and the Buyer.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KBGE and KBGE-FM1, Cannon Beach and Astoria, Oregon.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED! KBOQ (FM), Lima, MT.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  KTIP-AM and cross-service FM translator, Porterville, CA.  MCH Enterprises represented the Seller.