Stations For Sale

In some instances, clients require that an Agreement of Non-Disclosure be signed by all prospective purchasers of a Station before we can release the pertinent information.  In most instances a notification of such will be tied to a Station’s listing information and will be provided in response to a first request for information.  A generic NDA may be downloaded here

To request information on any of the listings you see here, just use the Contact Form Here

Southern California Desert Rated Market. This AM station has long been established and now has an appended FM translator as the result of a 250-mile modification. The owner has decided it’s time to sell and pass the torch. The tower site is NOT included but may be purchased as a separate transaction or leased on reasonable terms and conditions. Nicely laid out office/studio; photos available.

Asking Price: $450,000.  The asking price for the tower site is $150,000 or it can be leased at $1,500 per month with 3% escalators.

LMA SIGNED, ABOUT TO COMMENCE: Colorado Class C1 FM Available for LMA/TBA: This station which had been in an LMA is now available for an LMA/TBA only.  The station is a Class C1 facility with 100kw ERP.  Primary market is ranked #238 and secondary market ranked #90.  Better than 347,000 people with greater than 60 dBu signal strength and more than 550,000 all-in based on LR analysis.  Owner desires LMA or TBA only, (no sale and no option to purchase) with proposed terms and conditions set forth in Executive Summary.  Contact MCH Enterprises for details.  The station is complete with office/studio and excellent transmission facilities.  Owner will also consider equitable asset exchange.  Provide details for consideration.

Two C-class (C-1 and C-2) FMs in N. Oregon:  These two mature stations are being sold as “stick” facilities and seller will retain branding and intellectual property for use in conjunction with other out-of-market stations owned.  Historical performance has been good but owner now wants to concentrate on core properties in other markets. Included in the sale are transmission facilities and towers.  Sites are leased.  Details are included in presentation now available.   The asking price is $550,000 and due to the need to retire senior debt, an all-cash transaction is desired.  There may be a possibility of a seller re-financed debt restructuring which could extend terms to a qualified buyer via an LMA/Option structure.  Contact MCH Enterprises for a presentation and further details.

There are four translators licensed to the commercial band for sale in the south Bay area in California.  Although licensed in the commercial band, these four had been used by a large Christian network in re-transmitting various FM stations and the network’s programming.  As of October, 2016, the translators were dropped and the programming no longer re-transmitted.  Now the owner would like to sell all four; collectively or individually.  Because these four translators are closely located and within rated markets, we believe they would serve nicely for existing AM stations or for FM stations that want to tie them to HD programming.  A presentation is available that shows the location and previous populations served.  One of the four was a fill-in translator at 250 watts and the other three had significantly lower power as non fill-in facilities.  Even so, the combined population served was just under 1.5 million people. The asking price is based on a price per pop (“PPP”) of the previously covered populations which means that with a different fill-in status, the population served could possibly be increased leading to an effective lower PPP.  Contact MCH Enterprises for a presentation and break down on individual translator pricing.  Asking price for the group: $745,000.

SAN FRANCISCO/OAKLAND/SAN JOSE: Located in the California Bay Area this AM station is being offered at $3.2M. With 7.5M people in the metro, and $268M in radio revenue, the numbers work out very nicely. The asking price is only $.43 PPP. As part of a 250-mile modification move, a Translator will be attached to this station as soon as the grant comes out.  NDA Required and will be provided upon request for information.

CALIFORNIA’S OIL COUNTRY; RATED MARKET: Asking Price is $1.25M; which works out to approximately $1.57 PPP. This is vibrant market with strong local retail bringing in an estimated $9B in retail sales and $20M in radio revenue.  NDA Required and will be provided upon request for information. 

RATED MARKET AM STATION: California’s Central Valley. Asking Price: $750,000. Tower site not included but long term lease available on reasonable terms. This is a Class B AM station with three towers day and one tower night which makes for great market coverage.  Nearly 1M people in the metro and close to $40M radio revenue. Asking price is approximately $1.33 PPP.  NDA Required and will be provided upon request for information. 

SALE NOW PENDING:  WESTERN WASHINGTON:  This upgrade was just completed and licensed to new territory. The station has gone from a C3 to a C2 from a new site and in the process picked up a significant number of potential listeners. The Price per Pop is $1.00 or less based on a Longley-Rice analysis. An executive summary is being developed and will be ready for email delivery in a few days. The Asking Price is $1.5M. This is a newly developed station so new owners will be able to pick ‘n’ choose where to locate office/studio and how to staff and program. Contact MCH Enterprises, Inc.

SALE NOW PENDING: IDAHO AM STATION:  This is a great starter opportunity; an AM situated in south-eastern Idaho that needs a new owner.  The asking price is only $95,000.  The metro population is approximately 90,000.  Email presentation is available.  Just give us a call:  805.769.8511.  Current programming is Christian Talk and the station is basically breaking even at $24,000 per year.  A new tower site is going to be needed probably this Spring.  The current owner is investigating replacement tower sites or diplex situations.

NORTHWEST FM WITH PARTIAL TOP-RATED MARKET COVERAGE:  Class C3 facility recently ended a lengthy development process and the License has been granted.  Sellers have decided to look for a qualified buyer.  The asking price is based on a $3.00 price per pop within the Longley-Rice 60-dBu coverage.  The primary service area is one of the fastest growing counties in the Sate and is part of a much larger metro, rated market. Plans are in effect to increase the Station’s presence in the metro.  This basically an umbrella situation. Operating expenses are currently very low.  A new owner will have a clean slate when it comes to choosing and equipping office/studio space.  An executive summary is available via email.

NORTHERN OREGON COAST FM:  This is a new FM that has just completed construction and sign-on.  License has been granted.  Office/studio are shared space with another FM in the market (see below).  Very nice area on the coast with a great quality of life.  Good commercial environment; perfect for strong sales-oriented owner/operator.  Asking is $150,000 and Seller is motivated.

OREGON COAST FM WITH FM-1 BOOSTER:  Beautiful area and good retail trade.  Nice layout, room to grow and established goodwill.  The Asking Price is $195,000.  Assumable Debt may be possible depending on terms and conditions.  Four distinct communities with distinctive personalities.  This area is severely in need of a good radio news source and the perfect owner/operator would be a sales and community-oriented go-getter.  Will co-locate offices/studio with existing FM which is also available for purchase.  Buy both, make ‘em a combo!

BACK ON THE MARKET: FULL POWER FM SIGNING ON AND READY TO BE PUT INTO SERVICE:  Full power FM has completed construction along the California/Arizona border. Simple office/studio set up that needs to be moved into permanent quarters.  Small market, but good possibilities with very large seasonal tourist trade. Asking Price:  $110,000.

Coming Soon:

Two Pacific Northwest AMs:  One with translator ($1.3M) and one without translator ($1M);

Central California Valley AM w/Translator CP:  Asking $650,000.  Tower site and office/studio building are included.

Nevada FM:  Asking $150,000 and terms might be possible.