Stations For Sale

In some instances, clients require that an Agreement of Non-Disclosure be signed by all prospective purchasers of a Station before we can release the pertinent information.  In most instances a notification of such will be tied to a Station’s listing information and will be provided in response to a first request for information.  A generic NDA may be downloaded here

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BACK ON THE MARKET! Digital Low Power VHF TV Station located Southern California ranked market. Currently licensed and on the air with 300 watts from a temporary site. Construction permit in hand to increase power to 3,000 watts from the same temporary site (expires 11/7/21). A new owner would be expected to re-locate the transmitter site and it is believed the primary local tower farm would be the best place to go; Buyer’s due diligence would verify. The asking price is only $125,000, cash. Two sub-channels are being used, but no revenue for now. For details, contact MCH Enterprises, Inc.

NEW!  Oregon Coast FM:  Nice mom ‘n’ pop for sale for only $100,000.   Just put on the market and full presentation is being developed.  Beautiful place to live and raise a family.  Perfect for Sales-Oriented owner/operator.  The asking price is slightly above a 1X multiple of sales and there is positive cashflow with low expense of operation.  Seller may consider terms if a Buyer is qualified financially and above all else operationally.

PRICE REDUCED!  Colorado FM licensed in one rated market with expanded additional coverage in second rated market. Recently returned to air after hiatus per FCC STA. Class C1 facility with in-town office/studio and microwave STL. Longley-Rice coverage shows 563,813 people can receive a 54-dBu signal or greater. Asking price is $785,000 which works out to $1.39 Price Per Pop. Contact MCH Enterprises for further information: 805.769.8511 direct. Tower site is NOT included but can be leased on reasonable terms.

FM Translator is located in upper New York State and licensed in the reserved (non-commercial) band. The asking price is only $15,000, cash and that’s pretty firm since it is so low. Contact MCH Enterprises with questions or to request a presentation.

CALIFORNIA SOUTH BAY AREA TRANSLATOR: Covers more than 800,000 people according to engineering, Longley-Rice studies. San Jose, California market. Tower site secured with reasonable lease rates. The translator is priced at only $.50 price per pop and the seller is inclined to consider terms for a qualified buyer. Asking price: $402,439.

PRICED REDUCED!  Southern California Desert Rated Market: Well-established AM with cross-service FM translator. The owner has decided it’s time to sell and pass the torch. The tower site is NOT included but may be purchased as a separate transaction or leased on reasonable terms and conditions.   A new owner will want to construct its own office/studio if desired. Asking Price reduced to $300,000.  As a separate item, the asking price for the tower site is $150,000 or it can be leased at $1,500 per month with 3% escalators.

Nevada FM Needs Sales-Marketing Oriented Buyer: The FM is located in central-eastern Nevada about half-way between Las Vegas and the Idaho border. The station is small market radio at its best with community involvement, live-local talent, and resident owners. Local competition consists of one AM station and an FM translator…that’s it! Asking $150,000. The owner has expressed a willingness to stay on if desired. Contact MCH Enterprises for a presentation.

BACK ON THE MARKET:  Non-Commercial FM with Translator: The primary FM is licensed to the reserved (non-commercial) band in the Pacific Northwest. The Translator is licensed in the non-reserved (commercial) band. Combined Asking: $290,000, but are priced separately and can be purchased individually. Contact MCH Enterprises for details.

NEW! Oregon FM in nice small market. Pop count in excess of 160,000 in 60-dbu contour and over 127,000 in 70-dbu contour. Asking $195,000. Recently completed construction and needs a strong owner/operator with sales background and savvy. Office/studio will be up to a new owner. Non-disclosure required.

NEW!  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST:  Established FM with re-transmission on non-fill-in translator. Asking $195,000. Beautiful place to live and be a part of the business community. Non-disclosure required.

N. Central Oregon: Class C1 FM. Rural community suitable for a first-time acquisition. The asking price is $150,000 and Seller may be willing to carry terms depending on Buyer’s qualifications.

California Central Coast: Two FMs with virtually identical coverage. Co-located office/studio and co-located transmission facilities. Rated market. Excellent quality of life-style. Asking price is “Negotiable”.  Both to be sold together. All cash offers preferred. In the book – no details. Contact MCH Enterprises for details.

AM station with good market coverage day and night. Owner will LMA with or without an Option and would entertain purchase offers. Asking LMA Fee is $15,000 inclusive of core operating expenses. LMA Programmer would be expected to cover its own expenses to include delivery of signal to transmission point.
AM station with FM Translator. Owner will LMA with or without an Option and would entertain purchase offers. Asking LMA Fee is $15,000 inclusive of core operating expenses. Does not include office/studio space and LMA Programmer would be responsible for delivery of signal to transmission point.
Owner will LMA with or without an Option. Purchase Price, if desired, is negotiable. Asking LMA Fee is $45,000 inclusive of core operating expenses. Does not include office/studio space.
AM station with good market coverage day and night. Asking terms include all-inclusive monthly LMA Fee of $15,000; first and last months deposit.  Owner will consider graduated LMA Fee payments for three-year period with or without LMA. Option Purchase Price; $900,000. No office/studio space.
Class C1 facility in mountain community. Asking LMA Fee $20,000 and negotiable. Purchase Price is negotiable. LMA Programmer would be able to establish its own office/studio arrangement.

STATION WANTED! Owner with Class C1 Station in a rated Colorado market is looking for an equitable swap for a station in any of the following states: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Illinois. Can be station only or could include a tower site. Open to all suggestions. Contact MCH Enterprises: (805) 769-8511.

OFFER ACCEPTED:  Needs Attention Fast! Nevada FM at Winnemucca is about to lose its tower site and the Owner is ready to “let ‘er go” for the best offer…all offers will be given serious consideration. The asking price for the Station’s FCC Licenses and the transmission chain from studio to antenna is $30,000 and that includes an estimate for FCC Filing Fees and Closing Costs. For a separate transaction at $20,000, you can get the office/studio equipment in place. Studio lease is $600 per month. Sales have averaged just a little over $9,000 per month since last September when the station was acquired. The tower is scheduled to come down in April, but the exact date has not been set inasmuch as that is awaiting the final construction of a new, replacement tower and building. The tower owner is happy to have the Station lease space on the new facility, but is requiring all new antenna and filters to the tune of approximately $39,000. There may be other local tower solutions, but the Owner just wants to move on and put the Station in someone else’s hands. Contact MCH Enterprises for a presentation: 805.769.8511.

SOLD WITH FCC ASSIGNMENT PENDING!  Oregon Coast FM with FM-1 Booster: Beautiful area and good retail trade. Nice layout, room to grow and established goodwill. The Asking Price is $150,000. All-cash or cash to existing loan (estimated loan balance at closing: $75,000). Mezzanine financing may be a possibility depending on buyer qualifications.

SOLD WITH FCC ASSIGNMENT PENDING! Montana Class C1: This construction permit had limited time left; expiration date was November 4, 2018 and the construction date was met from a short stick at reduced power. The original authorization was for a Class C1 facility with 85kw at 314 meters HAAT. The asking price was only $7,500. Contact MCH Enterprises with questions.

SOLD AND CLOSED!  Central California Valley AM w/Translator:  $300,000, all-cash preferred but all offers welcome.  Tower site and office/studio building included.  Real estate assessed at over $200K.  Obviously a very motivated Seller.  Translator was the result of last year’s 250-mile mod filing window. Translator is now licensed with low power and a CP to modify the translator antenna to the top of the AM tower at 250 watts has been granted.