Will Radio Have Any Value in the Future?

We have had more than one client ask “is radio going to be worth anything in the future?” And our carefully studied, but qualified answer is “certainly”. But there are qualifications: It’s going to be a long rebound, in fact a slow growth as opposed to a rebound, and we frankly hope we never get back to the “greater fool” days of four and five years ago.  That may sound harsh or not very bright, but here’s how we see it…for what it’s worth. Continue reading “Will Radio Have Any Value in the Future?”

What to do With Channels 5 & 6

Recently, FCC Commissioner Clyburn spoke at the 35th annual Community Radio Conference in St. Paul Minnesota and told those gathered that as a “regulator” she is relatively new to radio and broadcasting in general, but thanks to her previous experience as a guest on her friend’s radio program she honed her radio skills. Continue reading “What to do With Channels 5 & 6”

Radio Will Lead the Economic Recovery

This morning, a story hit the Internet about the lack of financing for station acquisitions. Basically it comes down to those who are glass “half-full” people versus glass “half-empty” people.  Yes, we know all too well that we’ve got buyers and we’ve got sellers, but nobody has any cash. We just have to live with that. But what got our attention was the nay-sayers who just can’t accept the fact that radio is resilient, ubiquitous, and will weather the storm no matter what. Continue reading “Radio Will Lead the Economic Recovery”

The New Broadband Plan

The FCC’s Broadband Plan is due to Congress March 17. One of the goals of the plan is to free up 500 MHz of spectrum for broadband over the next decade. The reclamation of TV spectrum is part of that plan. This “Mobile Future Auction,” would allow existing spectrum licensees “such as television broadcasters in spectrum-starved markets, to voluntarily relinquish spectrum in exchange for a share of auction proceeds, and allow spectrum sharing and other spectrum efficiency measures.” Continue reading “The New Broadband Plan”

Union Authorization Cards

Must you recognize a union claiming to hold authorization cards from a majority of employees? The short answer is “no”.   An employer may lawfully decline to recognize a union based solely on its claim that it has a majority of employees “signed up.” Although there are many sound reasons for declining recognition, a critical reason for doing so is compliance with the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The union may not in fact have majority support in an appropriate unit, despite its claims, and recognition of a minority union by an employer—a union that does not truly represent a majority of its employees—is unlawful. Continue reading “Union Authorization Cards”