New: Four Translators; Commercial Band, in California’s S. Bay Area

  There are four translators licensed to the commercial band for sale in the south Bay area in California.  Although licensed to the commercial band, these four had been used by a large Christian network in re-transmitting various FM stations and the network’s programming.  As of October, 2016, the translators were dropped and the programming no longer re-transmitted.  Now the owner would like to sell all four; collectively or individually.  Because these four translators are closely located and within rated markets, we believe they would serve nicely for existing AM stations or for FM stations that want to tie them to HD programming.  A presentation is available that shows the location and previous populations served.  One of the four was a fill-in translator at 250 watts and the other three had significantly lower power as non fill-in facilities.  Even so, the combined population served was just under 1.5 million people. The asking price is based on a price per pop (“PPP”) of the previously covered populations which means that with a different fill-in status, the population served could possibly be increased leading to an effective lower PPP.  Contact MCH Enterprises for a presentation and a price breakdown for individual translators.  Asking price for the group:  $745,000.